Are you an active arts consumer? Do you ever think…

  • “I wish I’d kept up my cello lessons.”
  •  “I always wanted to act, but I was too busy with work and family.”
  • “I sculpted in college. My teacher said I had real talent…”
  • “Ah, ballet. How I loved to twirl! I wish I could again but it was 40 years ago.”
  • “Poetry spills out of me, but I have no idea if it’s good or not.”
  • “I played in a great combo – weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs. I miss that.”
  •  “I sometimes dream I’m on stage…”

What do you wish you’d had a chance to do?

Act? Dance? Play sax or violin? Write a book? Make beautiful art? What’s stopping you?

Here’s your chance: We’ll help you find the finest, most dedicated teachers and coaches. You’ll be in good company, grow with your peers and, best of all, have a wonderful time!  Start with our Opportunities Page. Let us know the outcome. If you have a great experience, share it with us on this site so that others can partake as well.

Why do we have flowers heading each page?

Because we can blossom at any age!


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