Arts schools, theaters and community centers have space available weekdays until 3pm, when people who are semi- or fully-retired are also available – Why not match them up?

Older artists-teachers are ready to mentor others – Why not their peers?

Older adults have newer priorities and may be poised to polish skills or or begin anew, making music, painting, acting, dancing, writing. They may prefer to learn from a peer – someone with a similar world view – Why not connect students and teachers?

Well-documented social and actual health benefits derive from arts participation – not watching, not listening, but doing. Fewer doctor visits, anti-depressants, and even fewer aches and pains – one more testimony to the power of art.

When I taught music I was given a t-shirt that said, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” – or sculpt, or act, or dance, or or or…the possibilities are infinite.

We need you to help build our arts community. Let us hear from you!
Jaxon new head shot 2 Jacqueline S. Guttman, Founder,

The Arts for Life Network of New Jersey


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